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Oven Thermostat and Switch 

Suitable for:
Kleenmaid deo5, deo7, weo5, ueo5, ueom7, weom7a, ueom7a, ueom9, weom9a, ueom9a, deom9a, deo1a, ueo1a, ueo1b, deo2a, ueo2a, ues2a, ues2b, weo3, wef3, wkf3, ueo3, ueo4, deo3, fed3b, fed3s, fed3a, fe904a, fe904b, fec, fec1, das, deo9, deom9, weo5, weom7, weom9, fec3, s15176s, s15176w, s15175w, s15179s, s15176b, s15174s, s15175b, s15135s, s15174w, s15177s, s15178s, s15178s, s15135w, s15136s, s15136w, s15136b, s15174b, s15135b, gwh540kwg *05-, paf501r, fecombiwok6, ueo7, fp571071, pon663s*40, s110212 (bottom oven), fed3, fec4, uegm4, uec, combi6, uec7, ueccombi7, fec2, fec3, fer2, fer3, uec6, fecombi1, fecombi2, fe904c, pduj7925 *12, paj 509rc*00, pak144-835, pol660s*02, pxp688s, pxl688s, pol667-s, pol662k, pon663s*40, stokes 9780r, fp571071,UNIVERSAL OVEN THERMOSTAT 16AMP 240VOLTS 50 – 320 DEGREES CELCIUS ** 1216 ** SUITS MANY BRANDS IE. CHEF SIMPSON WESTINGHOUSE ST GEORGE FISHER & PAYKEL AND MANY OTHERS.

PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 55.18064.040 0541001211 FP571071 571071 55.17063.040 55.13064.110 0541001931 0541001930 3060657 3060618 3060621NT253 7423 445551 3060603 0541001931 0541001930 55.17063.050 0541001930 EST211

USED IN ST GEORGE RETRO CONVERSION KITS: S15176S S15176W S15175W S15179S S15176B S15174S S15175B S15135S S15174W S15177S S15178S S15135W S15136S S15136W S15136B S15174B S15135B 1216

SUITS MODEL: ST GEORGE deo5 weo5 ueo5 ueom7 weom7a ueom7a ueom9 weom9a ueom9a deom9a deo1a ueo1a ueo1b deo2a ueo2a ueo2b ues2a ues2b weo3 wef3 wkf3 ueo3 ueo4 deo3 fed3b fed3s 8800100S fed3a – (left hand oven) fe904a fe904b fec fec1 UEGM4 FEC4 DAS DEO9 DEOM9 WEO5 WEOM7 WEOM9 uec UEOcombi6 uec7 ueccombi7 fec2 fec3 fer2 fer3 uec6 fec fecombi1 fecombi2 FECOMBIWOK6 UEO8 8700100LS 8500100PS 8700100RS (top oven),OTHER MODELS: WLE547WA PAF501R*06 PAJ501R*19 pduj7925 *12 paj 509rc*00 paj804w*07 pak144-835 pol660s*02 PXP688S pxl688s pol667s pol662k pon663s*40 gwh540kwg *05 paf501r PAK557W*55 WHIRLPOOL 6MFOD 6dowh upper BI600CR 8500100ps Chef Oven GXN650SNG*38 EBC5231W*05 Simpson Evolution 63cC912WNT-253IV 0541001930,55.17063.050,0541001211,0541001930,EST211,NT253, 9780St George DEO2A FED4S 1216 3060603 uegm4 UEE02B FECOMBIWOK4AS, EXC614W,PXL688, PAK518, EXC624W*42, EGC627S, PAK143W61D890R, 63g808s,EEC1350, EBC5231W, pak520w, WLE535, PAJ509R, ( TO BE USED ON DEO8 IF RETRO FITTED ), PDL790,PAJ501R, POR667S, PAF143, POH782, PAJ520W, WLE525, paj558, PAK509R, EXC643W POP663S / W P/N: 0541001931, pak806w, PAJ143W, 62a852w,”0541001925, 10442, THERMOSTAT OVEN”””, PON663S*40, pon667, EBC5451W, pxn698, 61f931w,PAF539N,nt-253s,snt253, EOC644S, CFE535WA, EXC691W, PGL657S, PGL657W, EUC5130W, PAJ143W

Note:55.18064.040, 8800100S, 3060621, 306062, 0541001211, 55.18064.040, 571071, 060600, 8600100, 8700100, 3060618, 3060657, 55.17063.040, 55.13064.110, 054100193, 0541001930, 3060603