Universal Oven Fan Force Motor Kit with Blades


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Universal Oven Fan Force Motor Kit with Blades

Suitable for:
Many brand ovens ie. Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, Omega, Smeg, Kleenmaid, St George, Vulcan, Everhot and many more. Suits all Kleenmaid Scala series: to1, to2, to3, to4 , to5, to6, to7, to8, to9, to10, to21, to22, to23, to29, to30, to31, to32, to33, to39, to40.9683,Oven fan forced motor assembly includes two different style blades shield and nut to suit most Chef Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux Damani ovens.

Part number cross reference: EFC200157 03010535 44927 56158 0214777077 3040415 EFC200157 52212SP J06OV03A 44927 T78633 2500028 CK007 FC46A008C6 0214830002 NZ99216 0214002068 S50922 9702 EGC633S, 0214002077,0750001016, POH668, PXL688, EUC5350,”DELONGHI OVEN FAN FORCED MOTOR ASSEMBLY SUITS DE60MW

PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 079008001F 079008001F ,D90G, 10817″,”49005044, AI49005044,1170000863, BMT114,1170000821,x1170000515, ,x1170000803,1170000803Baumatic Oven M/N: BA160SS P/N: AI49005044,Technika T888,Chef Simpson Westinghouse Fisher & Paykel Omega Smeg Kleenmaid St George Vulcan Everhot and many more.

Part number cross references: OV101K OFM-01 0214777077 0214062068 9683 49927 56158 GN598534 3040400 3040401 KM12590170

Suits all Kleenmaid Scala series TO1 TO2 TO3 TO4 TO5 TO6 TO7 TO8 TO9 TO10 TO21 TO22 TO23 TO29 TO30 TO31 TO32 TO33 TO39 TO40 TO40SA paj804w Westinghouse Oven GWF476WKleenmaid Steam Oven M/N: SO4510″, EOC640K, LEF9EGP, EG9683,0214777077, poh688s