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w10503278 12784415 12868513 12002509 12002567,REFRIGERATOR ELECTRONIC CONTROL BOARD AMANA 6700621w10165748 67006740 12002567 12002449 pcb display 12002509 67005043 pcb display board g32526peks gs2325gekw gs2325gekb ab1924pekb ab2225pekb gc2225pekb ab2026pekb as2626gekw GB1924PEKB js2628hekb gs2526peks gb2026pekb gz2626gekb g32526peks g32026peks jc2225gekb GC2225PEKS g32526pekb GS2625GEKS AB2026PEKB AC2224PEKB

IMPORTANT: For MAYTAG and JENN-AIR refrigerators – please check the parts manual before ordering.
Models listing two control boards in the manual please refer to the serial break below – the serial break does not apply to models listing only one control board.
Models with serial number beginning with 10… use 12868513.
Models with serial number beginning with 11… use 12868515.