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Lamp assy 25w 120v @0


FG05BJ772087706 05BJ772087702 (there are 2 lamp assy – small glass lamp dome cover – series 2 / or large glass lamp cover assembly including globe 25w 120v – need to check with customer which size glass cover) Kleenmaid models to951x to901x highland models HIO75DMP HLTEP77DIA1 HIO75MP HLTEP77SI01

lamp only was fg05XXLA25120 however this is not available separately anymore so you need to purchase this lamp assembly which contains the globe

fg4303 used in to901x before serial number 57862 and to951x before serial number 58677. fg05BJ772087702 is used in to901x from serial number 57862 and to951x from serial number 58677Highland Oven M/N: HIO75MP (this is the small lamp cover/ large lamp cover assy is part no: FG4303)